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Hello! I’m a full stack javascript developer based in Atlanta, GA. I have always had a passion for learning new things and solving problems.

Prior to coding, I was a financial analyst in the tech sector and I worked extensively on financial software systems. This exposure to systems and data is what sparked my interest in not only coding, but creating things.

My hope is to be involved in projects that I can be proud of, and to join an amazing team of people where I can advance my development skills.

When I'm not coding, you'll likely find me at the park playing with my dog underbite Jones or hopefully somewhere warm scuba diving.

Currently Learning:


Trade Tally

A responsive app that helps you to record & track your service trades, so you know where your balance stands

Built With:

React/Redux, Enzyme/Jest, Node, Express, Mongo/Mongoose, Twilio

Crop Swap

An app designed to help people connect with their neighbors so they can swap excess fruits/veggies/herbs

Built With:

Javascript/jQuery, Node, Express, Mongo, Mongoose, Mocha/Chai, JWT, Travis CI, Heroku, mLab


An app that helps you pick your AirBnb based on what cool things you want to stay near

Built With:

Javascript, jQuery, Node, HTML/CSS

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